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Is it time to move to another place?

Now that we have the suitcases ready and we see the spaces of our old house unoccupied we must review each space to return it as we received it, because when we collect the rent we deliver a value in deposit that guarantees the good use of the space and that money we need to get it back. For this reason it is important the move-out cleaning service and it is at that moment where Be2clean cleaning professionals can help with their move-out cleaning service.

What we do for you ?

Our be2clean team will clean in detail and under your instructions to clean and sanitize your old space. Our move-out cleaning services include floor cleaning, carpet vacuuming, bathroom cleaning and sanitizing, sink sanitizing, dusting, baseboard cleaning, appliance cleaning with special environmentally friendly products.

Why choose us?

Be2clean has a quality moving cleaning service, as our team will deliver a totally clean space. We know how important it is to deliver and request the initial deposit money back, that’s why we perform the best move out cleaning service.

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Be2clean has a phone number where you can send a text message or whastupp message and a consultant will provide you with all the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, Be2clean’s team of cleaning professionals will take into account the special observations that the client in his digital form has requested in the cleaning service so everything will be in writing.

Cleaning products will be provided by Be2clean’s team of professionals, including detergents, carpet cleaner, oven cleaner, appliance cleaner, marble cleaner, bleach, disinfectants, brooms, mops, brushes. All these products are environmentally friendly and special to offer the best finishes. In the same way our professional cleaning services team will indicate details that cannot be solved with cleaning and are physical such as damage to floors, blinds, baseboards or surfaces that you as the owner must take into account for the time of the return of the place.

As we have said before, we want your experience with the move-out cleaning service to be very pleasant and that our result is very positive for your move, for this reason we do not perform services that are in agreement with the move-out cleaning service initially contracted, for this case you should take into account the observations of a professional in the field that you need.

Yes, our team of house cleaning professionals can be scheduled for your appointment in the evening hours, remember we accommodate your schedule, we want to provide you with a better house cleaning service experience. 24/7.

We understand that the initial goal is to deliver an excellent job, well done and to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction of receiving a unique service experience, the on-site leader will indicate the time to be added to efficiently complete the job. If there is an additional charge it must be agreed on site by Be2clean and the client.

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