The stripping and waxing service is highly recommended for businesses and residences looking to keep their floors not only clean, but also safe and attractive. It is ideal for a variety of surfaces such as vinyl, linoleum and other non-porous floor types. Performing this maintenance on a regular basis not only prolongs the life of the floors, but also contributes to a more hygienic and welcoming environment.

Restoration and Deep Floor Protection

Restoration and Deep Floor Protection:

Stripping and waxing are essential processes within floor maintenance that focus on surface renewal and protection.

Floor Stripping: We completely remove old layers of wax and any accumulation of dirt, preparing the surface for optimal treatment. This process is crucial to revitalize the appearance of your floors and extend their durability.

Floor Waxing: We apply several layers of the highest quality wax, creating a protective barrier that resists foot traffic, stains and scratches, and improves the shine and overall appearance of the floor.

Why Choose Be2Clean?

  • Detailed Needs Analysis: Before we begin, we conduct a complete evaluation to understand your specific needs and tailor our services, ensuring a clean that exceeds your expectations.
  • Qualified Experts: Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals in deep and efficient cleaning techniques, guaranteeing impeccable results.
  • Eco-friendly Products: We use only the best eco-friendly products, safe for families, pets, and the environment if you need it.
  • Flexibility and Reliability: We adapt to your schedule, offering services at the most convenient time for you, with the reliability you deserve.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Our goal is your complete satisfaction. If any aspect of our cleaning does not meet your expectations, we will re-clean the area at no additional cost.

Steps for Effective Floor Maintenance:

Step 1: Initial Preparation and Cleanup

  • Remove furniture and obstacles to leave the area free and accessible.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dust and surface dirt.

Step 2: Stripping

  • Apply stripping solution to the floor to dissolve old layers of wax and buildup.
  • Scrub the floor with a polishing machine to ensure the solution penetrates and effectively removes old layers.
  • Remove the dirty solution with a wet vacuum cleaner or mop.

Step 3: Cleaning and Neutralization

  • Wipe the floor with clean water to remove any residue from the stripping solution.
  • Apply a neutralizing solution if necessary to prepare the surface for waxing.

Step 4: Waxing

  • Apply several coats of high-quality wax, allowing it to dry completely between coats to ensure long-lasting protection and optimal shine.
  • Polish the floor if the type of wax and desired finish require it.

Step 5: Regular Maintenance

  • Daily cleaning to remove dust and dirt, using appropriate products that do not damage the wax.
  • Periodic polishing or buffing to renew shine without the need for a complete new waxing.

Each type of floor may require special considerations regarding products and maintenance techniques. Following these steps ensures not only the aesthetic appearance of the floor, but also its durability and safety for those who use it.

Stripping and waxing are essential in deep maintenance, especially for vinyl floors, linoleum and other non-porous materials. These processes not only clean and protect floors but also extend their useful life and improve their aesthetics, making them essential in comprehensive floor maintenance programs.

What Our Customers Say About Be2Clean's Commercial Cleaning Services

These testimonials are just a glimpse of the positive experiences shared by our customers. To read more about what people are saying or to leave your own reviews of Be2Clean’s services, click the link. Your feedback not only supports our business but also helps us continue to improve and provide the best possible service to our community.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Floor Maintenance with Stripping and Waxing

A well-maintained floor not only improves the aesthetics of your commercial or residential space but also contributes significantly to a healthier environment. Here we highlight five key health benefits offered by our floor maintenance service:

  1. Reduces the Presence of Allergens: Regular removal of dust and dirt through stripping and waxing prevents the accumulation of allergens, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.
  2. Decreases the Risk of Slips and Falls: A properly maintained floor significantly reduces the risk of accidents, protecting employees and visitors.
  3. Promotes a Cleaner Environment: The removal of dirt and the application of wax leave floors not only shiny but also more hygienic.
  4. Improves Indoor Air Quality: By keeping floors free of dust and particles, we help to improve the air quality you breathe.
  5. Supports Mental Health: A clean and well-maintained space can boost morale and reduce stress among employees and residents.

These are just some of the health benefits that professional floor maintenance offers. But there is much more to explore about how our services can contribute to your well-being and that of your space.

Interested in learning more? We invite you to read our blog, where we delve deeper into the benefits of floor maintenance for your health. Discover how our stripping and waxing services can transform not just your floors but also improve your surroundings. Click here to continue reading.


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