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Cleaning Services Airbnb or commercial contracts?

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Who should clean my house or apartment if I am on contract or vacation?

One of the things to do after having enjoyed a good vacation is to think about cleaning our apartment or house. 

we must now go home and clean our apartment or rented property.

Even so, there are companies like Be2clean that are willing to offer immediate cleaning services for houses, apartments, even trailers or recreational vehicles to support you in this time-consuming task.

Vacation Rental Cleaning

There are many factors to take into account regarding the cleaning of a rented space and take into account if it must be agreed in advance who will be in charge and under what conditions the rented house or the rented apartment must be received.

Normally a deposit is always left as a guarantee that gives us security and this is equivalent to one month’s rent of the property, which will cover in some way the damages produced to the rented house or apartment.

The most common in the rents of the apartments or houses must be received as they were delivered, with clean floors, carpets in good condition, clean kitchens, ovens in good condition and clean if all clean appliances, however companies like Be2clean professionally take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the property.

Long-term lease cleaning

This is the only case of rentals that existed until a few years ago. Rentals of apartments for seasons, single months, vacation rentals and even years.

This is an important case because the tenant is the one who must deliver the house, apartment or office in the conditions they received them, this includes the state of the floors, walls in optimal conditions to be re-rented or sold as appropriate.

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The tenant must have the time, dedication and knowledge to perform the cleaning, however, you can also count on a company that has the appropriate personnel and performs a fast, efficient and adequate cleaning job. 

Keep in mind that the move-in and move-out cleaning will involve a thorough cleaning of bathrooms, toilets, bathrooms and other areas of the house.

Last but not least...

For this reason it is always important to look for the most comfortable way to do this job, we understand that it is a task that takes a lot of time which subtracts from work or to enjoy with the family.

So we recommend making the best use of time and do it periodically, so we will decrease significantly the time spent on cleaning work in our house.

We can help you with your house cleaning, our team of professional house cleaners will do this job for you. If you wish, you can schedule our house cleaning services on a regular basis and for a flexible cost you will receive an exceptional house cleaning service.

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Picture of Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena

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